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Updated: august 19, 2015

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Lovely and beloved .......

Back to my lovely and beloved Austria with our lovely and beloved Griffons!

At the double Innsbruck' CACIB Shows our Griffons were absolutely stunning.

Our breeding team composed by Ch NICHI GUY LAROCHE, CH NICHI GALIZINE and CH NICHI GONNA BE WILD  was on the podium  both days, preferred among a strong concurrence.

Saturday, judge Mr Korosz BEST IN SHOW!!

Sunday, judge Mrs Tarjan BEST IN SHOW 2!!




NICHI .......
Guy Laroche, Galizine
and Gonna Be Wild

a fantastic breeding team!

both days:


While Nichi Guy Laroche was Best of Breed on saturday,  Nichi Galizine was Best of Breed and Reserve Group Winner on Sunday!!!

Wow, whatta Girl!!


Well, Gala, Multi Ch NICHI GALIZINE, always surprises us with her results.

Entered t the double Innsbruck CACIB Shows on august 15 and 16, 2015 with the aim to complete her Austrian Championship, she did it her style!

on   saturday  Exc 1, Cac, Cacib and BOS, judge Mrs Tarjan

on sunday  Exc 1, Cac, Cacib BOB and 2nd BEST IN GROUP!!, breed judge  Mrs Urschitz, Group judge Mrs Bregenzer.

and, as "cherry on the cake"......

- both days Exc 1, Cc and Cacib Reserve was her 18 months old daaughter Ch. NICHI GONNA BE WILD,

- while about one month ago, at the double RENDE Cacib Shows, Exc 1, Cac Cacib and BOB both days was her son NICHI GRIFFISH WOW n' WHAM!

Gala is now six years old, and had one litter of two babies so far


on the Podium in Innsbruck!


A wonderful boy !


After a rest of about  a year Gugu, Multi Ch. NICHI GUY LAROCHE, went back on the show rings and finished his Austrian and International Championships

Saturday he was Exc 1, Cac, Cacib and Bob, judge Mrs Tarjan

Sunday he was Exc 1, Cac, Cacib and Bos, judge Mrs Urschitz.

At the same show, reserve CACIB and 2nd best male was Gugu' son Ch NICHI GLAD THAT'S MY BOY!!!!!


Here Gugu pictured on saturday waiting to enter the Honour Ring..........

at Innsbruck Double Cacib Shows 


Something new !

As an evidence that  the reproductive strenght of Gugu, our  Multi Ch. NICHI GUY LAROCHE, is passed through the future generations, here is a very  interesting joung male. 

Prince was since now shown in minor dog shows to complete his ring preparation, with very good results among which a Junior  BIS Reserve in  Reggio Emilia, and will debut on the main rings in the second part of 2015.

He is a son of

and has on his maternal line an interesting scandinavian bloodline.

Here is  Prince pictured when 11 months old at the  2015 World Dog Show ...


 Prince is a  new entry in our Griff pack


Work in progress.......


Busy .....  we are working.


Preparing our "ambassadors" 
to the World Dog Show 2015.....



 CCC 2014 Future Hope
Nichi Ginger Xerendipity....

after being stripped down,
working for her next shows....


Say Cheese!!


Well....  there was a surprise in our last Griffon litter !

A new Brabant Griffon girl, after eight years!

We are happy to say that this beauty and her wire-coated litterbrothers are healthy and  happy, soon more pictures! 


a new arrival at NICHI!


Golden ribbons!!


We went back to Slovenia with  our Ch NICHI GUY LAROCHE and NICHI GLINT OF GOLD !

8/11/2014 International Show in Sempeter, judge Mr. Boris Spoliaric (Hr)
- Nichi Guy Laroche CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in the FCI Group  competition
- Nichi Glint of Gold CAC CACIB BOS

9/11/2014 International Show in Vrtojba, judge
Mrs. Ahlman Stockmari (Fin)
- Nichi Guy Laroche CAC CACIB BOS
- Nichi Glint of Gold  CAC CACIB BOB, shortlisted in the FCI Group competition

With these results Gugu and  Goldie became both new  SLOVENIAN CHAMPIONS!! 

Congratulation to their happy owner Luigi!!!!


nuovi Campioni Sloveni!!


One "Special" Girl !!



"Bunny", shown at the CCC, Italian Toy Breeds parent Club, Specialty, in Rome, wins her Mjor CC, is selected s Best Female and later as Best of Breed, meanwhile collecting the maximum points for this year Mediterranean Trophy.

We thank the judge Mrs. Poggesi, for having preferred our "girl"!


pictured at six months of age, soon new photos available





born on june 27, 2014, here two months old

Author of these photos of our babies, is Jose'....Thanks again!!!



A summer full of sweetness...


First meeting with this summer sweeties.

We introduce you two of our 2014 puppies, soon more photos will be available.

We thank our official photographer Jose'


Un'estate piena di dolcezza....




Ready.... Steady...Go !!


If you believe to be very "special" persons, we have some  very "special" Griffon Bruxellois puppies.

Very rare italian, belgian, dutch, american and english blood-lines constitute the basis  we used to obtain these babies.

The exceptional physical and mental carachteristics of these Griffons do make them the ideal candidates for who is looking for Show quality specimen.

They will be available starting from middle september. Soon pictures available.

Would you come with us....
to the 2015 World Championship?


A griffon will be an enthusiast fellow
 in every journey ...

**pictured Nichi Gonna Rock U



 WOW !!


Well, yeah!  WOW!


That's how a super-Griffon aged seventy days can be.

Author of the picture, as always, is Jose', that we thank so much!

A circa due mesi e mezzo.



Too early,  for getting used to success?....


We have great hopes for our two 2014 little Griffons.


Here they are, enjoying the first sunbath, watching the world from a very special place!




Getting used to success....



 TOP DOG 2013!!



It's now official, our Ch NICHI GRACE JONES won the biggest number of 2013 competitions and resulted as  TOP DOG!






  2013 Season's Greetings!!

THANKS,  for an incredible 2013,

and all BEST WISHES for an even better 2014!!!

                                                   Nichi & Fabio

Thanks to Elisa e Marco and to our  Ch. Nichi Give Peace a Chance, our 2013 Ambassador! T
hank you!



 First snapshots.......

We are proud to introduce you one of the babies of our second 2013 litter.

One male and one female show quality might be available.

We thank our friend Jose' for this beautiful pic!


One of our 2013 babies aged 40 days 



 Here they are!!

Our 2013 Miniature Schnauzers







Nichi Prince Brunello x Nichi Rocambole
born on september 28, 2013

Author of these beautiful pictures of our babies, as usual, Jose' ...Thanks!!!



 An Incredible Lady! .......

Our Union Grif Love is All has completed last sunday all requirement to become Italian Champion!

We thank our judges:

- SANREMO  Club Specialty
Exc 1 CAC Year Champion - M. Forte

- RAPALLO International Show
Exc 1 CAC CACIB BOB - P. Condo'

- LUCCA Club Special Premier
Exc 1 CAC - G. Steinberg

- LUCCA Club Jubilee Show
Exc 1 CAC Jubilee Champion - F. Gatti

- CESENA National Show
Exc 1 CAC BOB . V. Nataletti

- CREMONA International Show
Exc 1 CAC CACIB BOB - S. Bellan

Thanks to our Friend Marco Piovano  for this beautiful picture!

An incredible lady!
will be seven years old next december!






Our little Miniature Schnauzers are already three weeks old, and are more and more irresistible!

Our 2013 Pepper and Salt Zwergschnauzers!



 Thank you!!


Thank to the CCC, Club Cani Compagnia,  for the two beautiful Shows held in Lucca.
For the choice of the fair ground and of the Judges, for the organization, carried on  with an apparent nonchalance, and that instead reveals an extreme attention even to the smallest details, and a great experience of somebody who knows needs and problems of the exhibitors.

We will remember with great satisfaction all our results, but even more the feeling to have joined a very special event. The best italian breeders, many foreigners fanciers, partecipating to a very special Show with their very best dogs, to celebrate a parent Club that, even if fifty-year-old, is joung, dinamic and cheerful!

NICHI Griffons thank the invited judges, Mrs. G. Steinberg Kuehni for her Griffons choices on saturday, and Mr. F. Gatti, responsible for the Griffons judgements on sunday, and to Messrs. Jocquel Bottussi and  Palumbo for her appreciations for our Breeding Group in the Main Ring!


saturday, Special Premier Club Show:
Nichi Galibier Style 1 exc J. Club Ch.
Nichi Grace Jones 1 exc BOS, BOB (with this result, Grace confirms her supremacy for the win of the 2013 Club Champion title 2013)
Union Grif Love is All 1 exc CAC
Nichi Got Testarossa Gene 1 exc J. Club Ch.
Nichi Gangsta's Logo 1 Exc BOS BOB


Sunday, CCC Jubilee Show, our Jubilee Champions
Nichi Guy Laroche
Nichi Galibier Style
Nichi Grace Jones,  BOB!
Union Grif Love is All, CAC!
Nichi Got Testarossa Gene
Nichi Gangsta's Logo, BOB!


winner of the Tina Violi Gussoni for the best Griffon Bruxellois of the Jubilee!

We thank Elisa, for the help and for the pictures!


Some of the prices and diploms conquered at the two special Club events, CCC Special Premier and Jubilee Show:  two BIS with our Breeding Group, one Special Trophee, three new Club Champions, six Jubilee Champions, both days two Best of Breed.....

Nichi Galibier Style, already European Champion is since sunday also Club Champion and Jubilee Champion!

Multi Ch. Nichi Guy Laroche!

CH Nichi Gangsta' Logo, both days Best of Breed!
Third Best Breeding Group on sunday!

Nichi Grace Jones, both day Best of Breed, is also the winner of the Tina Violi Gussoni Trophee for the best Griffon Bruxellois of the Jubilee Show!


CCC......Club Champions.......


Lucca, september 28, 2013, Gala evening of the Italian Toy Breeds Club:

Awards to the 2012 Club Champions :

- Club Reproduction Champion: NICHI GUY LAROCHE

- Club Champion : NICHI GLINT OF GOLD


TROPHEE Nicola ARINI,  2011 + 2012!!: to the best Breeding Group:  for the most winning Group of the the year, in the Breeding Groups competitions in Toy Breeds Specialties and Club Specialties.


The awards to our 2012  Club Champions!


 CCC, Special Premier!

The beautiful city selected by the CCC, Companion Toy Breeds Club,  for the most important Show of the year is Lucca. An incredible number of dogs, all of them belonging to the FCI Group 9 and a similarly incredible number of exhibitors, from Italy and from many foreign countries.

Our NICHI Griffons have been once more admired,  and they are once more a 1st award winning team!

Breeding Group BIS 1, judge J. Botussi
- Ch Nichi Guy Laroche
- Ch Nichi Galibier Style
- Ch Nichi Grace Jones
- Ch Nichi Got Testarossa Gene

The  Nichi Breeding Group  BIS  again
(three years in a row!) 
at the Italian Club Special Premier Show!



 mini, mini, mini.......


We are happy to announce the arrival of our 2013 Miniature Schnauzer puppies. 

Mummy and babies, two boys and three girls,  are fine, in some days more details.......


Our 2013 Miniature Schnauzers!




We are proud to share with you all, the fantastic result we achieved in the 2013 edition of the European Dog Show in Switzerland:
  three new European Champions and one vice-European Ch.!

EUROPEan Champion  & BOB   

 Exc 1 CAC

Exc 1 CAC,

Moreover: Ch Nichi Galizine is our Vice-European Champion 2011 and 2013       

We thank the breed judge Mrs. Kitty Syong from Danemark, who awarded these titles to  our dogs,  and  we thank all the friends that helped on this occasion.
 And really big thanks from the deep of our hearts to all the ones that congratulated us for these wonderful results!

                                                   Nichi & Fabio

Pictures were made by our dear friend Elisa! Thank you!!!
Pictures are linked to the each dog personal page!!



The most beautiful...

...In the heart of Europe, since about one century there is an important International Dog Show.

Luxembourg becomes for a couple of days the ideal scene for all breeders, that take advantage from this occasion, to introduce their best specimen.  And the number of entered dogs, thanks to the central geographic position, enough advantageous for everybody, and thanks to the local rules that still allow the participation of cropped or docked dogs, tells everything about the importance of the title of Luxembourg Champion.

This year, thanks to the efforts of our friend Tonossi, also one of our ambassadors was present on the rings of this country, being able to achieve the title of National Champion.

We thank the breed judge Mrs. Weber Martegani who preferred, best champion among Champions, our  Nichi Eternity!


The most beautiful among the Mini Schnauzer Champion ladies: Nichi Eternity!


We did it!!


At the age of six months and a half Victor was awarded the title of BREED BEST PUPPY, and was later PUPPY GROUP FINALIST  (five dogs left)


Thanks to his breed judge Mr. Ron Menaker from USA, to his group judge Mr. Andras Korosz from Hungary and to his breeder Mrs. Inara Lancmane from Latvia.


Hildebert's Victor Vasarely:
Best European Puppy and Group Finalist!


Awaiting an official debut...


...So here he is.

Time has arrived for our new boy from far north to be introduced to all our friends.

Carrier of some old Nichi influences thanks to  his mother-line comprising some important scandinavian prefixes, has in his father' side many interesting carachteristics that are tipically connected with the "modern" mini look, becouse of the introduction of american and canadian blood through russian and spanish reproductors.  

Hildebert's Victor Vasarely lives with us since last may and is fascinating us with his amazing and lovely personality.

Correct in bite, size and movement, has a beautiful pepper and salt coat, and still enjoys to improve his show' abilities....

He will be present at the 2013 European Show in Switzerland: let us keep our fingers crossed for a great debut!


Our new young boy Victor is now six months old! the world go around.....


...Let me use a "poetic licence" and part of the lyrics of a famous song......

Our  2013 griffon baby-girl, is growing fast!

Nichi Good Vibrations likes to be lifted to a suitable heigh to ....."watch the world go around"

Sired by Nichi Glad That's My Boy out of  Ch Nichi Grace Jones.

When forty days old,  Griff pups are really cute, aren´t they?



Nichi Good Vibrations


 A new champion title!

Happy and proud to announce one more result of our gorgeous Griffon Multi Champion Nichi Great Pretender!

On june 29, 2013 at the National Show in Arrau, in spite of the very bad weather, he obtained CAC and BOB, an, again, GROUP THIRD!

With this result Pretender became Swiss Champion!

Many thanks to today's judges Mrs. Eisner from Austria and Miss Rossier from Switzerland.

A super thank to Yves that, as always, presents this beautiful little dog to perfection!


Nichi Great Pretender


 Work in progress........


Work in progress.... to introduce some minor changes in our bloodlines.

We have a new guest, just arrived from the far North.  In the next weeks we hope to be able to release the due reserves we have on him,  and we will officially introduce him to all our friends.......

Meanwhile, he is happy to learn how to improve his show attitude......



 A legend tells.......


A legend tells that babies come from under a cabbage leaf .....

But if you carefully look among peony blossoms, you could find.....

Nichi Good Vibrations, is our 2013 griffon baby-girl......

Nichi Good Vibrations,
an eight days old Griffon


 A beautiful Mind


How much affection, dedication, and cheerfulness a Miniature Schnauzer can give us is incredible: 

Nichi Frequent Flyer, already one year and a half old, and is able to express moments of wild euphoria and instants of unthinkable sweeetness.

Thanks to Flo and Jose' for all the time they dedicate to his happyness!

Nichi Frequent Flyer


 ! ! A Griffon on the podium ! !

International Shows Saint Gallen,  Switzerland, may 4 and 5, 2013

Nichi Great Pretender is becoming a well known protagonist on the most important european rings.

After having obtained the first certificates for his  Italian  Championship  in  Alessandria on may  1st,  with  the  CAC,  CACIB  and  BOB awarded  him by  Mrs Bocca, he doubles the result on the occasion of the two Saint Gallen International Dog Shows on may 4 and 5. He obtains two CAC, two CACIB, both days Best of   Breed and steps on the  FCI  Toy  Group podium both  on saturday and on sunday! Thanks to the breed  judges  Messrs Custot and  Clerk,  and  to  Group  judges  Messrs. Rossier and Custot.

An inmense thank you to Yves Tonossi who takes care of him and always prepares him  so well, and  a  very  special  thank  to the professional  Handler  Fabio   Allegra   who showed  him  in the  Group competition on saturday!

Nichi Great Pretender twice on the podium!




 Fundamental evolution after ten years!


The imagine of our Kennel has been in charge for ten years, from 2003 till today, to a couple of our dogs, Ch. Nichi Boston and  Ch Pamelot's Noble Antics, who have been loved so much, and who represented so well the ideal look of their breeds. 

But, the evolution of the last years, caused also by the effect in more and more Countries of the ban of aesthetical surgery, has resulted also in our increasing  appreciation of the new aspect of our dogs with natural ears and tails. 

Also our Site is therefore updated, and since today our new Logo has two new representatives,  Ch. Nichi Frequent Flyer and  Ch. Nichi Guy Laroche.

By the way, ... our first uncropped Schnauzer dates back to 1988, and ALL our homebred Griffons were kept uncropped and undocked. Our last cropped Schnauzer is a male born in 2003, four years in advance before ban has been adopted in Italy.

We love the way our dogs today can wag their tails and use their ears: the change of our logo was due, and we like it!

Mediano, april 10, 2013

We thank Jose', author of the photographs used to realize our new Logo!



 ! ! CHAMPIONS of the YEAR ! !

Champions of the Year!

Sanremo, on april 6 was the place choosen by the National Toy Breeds parent Club for the Specialty dedicated to the 50th'Year Champions.

A wonderful day for our Griffons that came home with four Champion titles , BOB + BOS among the Griffons, and BOB among the Brabançons, together with the absolute BIS for the Best Breeding Group!

We thank our judges Mr. Michael Forte and Mr. Dimitris Antonopoulos who preferred our "kids".

And we thank our Club Italiano Cani da Compagnia for the nice organization, for the interesting seminar on the Heart diseases particularly dedicated to Toy breeds, and for the wonderful diplomas and prizes!

                 Prizes & Diploms......

Our Griffons: Three Champions of the Year, BOB + BOS,  and  Breeding Group BIS 1!

Our Brabançon: Nichi Gangsta's Logo, Campion of the Year and BOB!


 ! ! !  90  ! ! !

Our champion # 90!

Nichi Grace Jones, daughter of our World Int, It, Ch. Nichi Great Red Baron and of  Nichi Griffed Bagatelle obtains at the National Dog Show of Piacenza, on saturday march 16, and at the National Dog Show of Parma, on sunday march 17, the two last  CAC needed to submit  the application form for the Italian Champion title!
And she started to be campaigned only 50 days ago!  

We   thank   our   judges  Bruno Nodalli   and  Eugene Yerusalimsky   who   made   possible the achievement  of  these  results!

And we were able to celebrate this event by winning as  third  Best in Toy Group !



National Shows of Piacenza and Parma,
march 2013: mission completed!
saturday Nat. Show in Piacenza CAC BOB 3BOG!
Sunday Nat. Show in  Parma CAC BOB!





A new title for Eternity!


Nichi Eternity,  was awarded the last necessary CACIB to obtain her International Championship title.


We thank the judges who made this result possible, and his owner, friend, groomer and handler Yves!

Nichi Eternity
new International Champion!


 !!!New Champion!!!

A new Champion!

Nichi Great Pretender, son of our Ch Nichi Guy Laroche x Marilyn Nichi Monroe and litterbrother of Nichi Give Peace a Chance has achieved the titles of Swiss Champion and Swiss Klubsieger!

We thank the judges that made possible these results!


And a very special thank to Yves, that with a lot of love and experience takes care of this special boy!


Nichi Great Pretender,
new Swiss Champion & new Swiss Klubsieger!



 !!!New Champion!!!

One new Champion!

Nichi Give Peace a Chance, daughter of our Ch Nichi Guy Laroche x Marilyn Nichi Monroe has obtained her Italian Champion Title.

We thank the judges that awarded her the needed CCs:

7/7/2012 CUNEO Int. Show, Club Specialty
29/9/2012 LECCO Nat. Show
30/9/2012 BERGAMO  Int. Show
01/11/2012 DESIO Nat. Show
04/11/2012 BUSTO ARSIZIO  Int. Show
01/12/2012 VERONA Int. Show Club Specialty

But aboveall we want to thank Elisa and Marco who, with a lot of love and affection take care of this very special "girl"!!



Nichi Give Peace a Chance,
new Italian Champion!




 Season's Greetings 2012!


                                            To all our friends our best wishes!!


                                                   Nichi & Fabio



 A very......  Special Premier!

Genes is, each november, the place where the most important appointment for the Toy and Companion Breeds dogs is organized among the International Dog Show.

The CCC, Club Cani Compagnia, the Italian Companion Breeds Club, invites in this city, historical seat of our Club, all members and fanciers, organizing the compulsory show, called Special Premier Show, valid to obtain the points to become Club Champion.

And this year again the NICHI Griffons were there to honour this important occasion and to meet friends and other breeders.

Here our results:
Best Reproductor and Reproduction Club Champion
- Nichi GALIBIER STYLE: 1, male Puppy
- MultiCh NICHI GALIZINE: was there for the Club  Champion Parade
- Ch NICHI GLINT OF GOLD: 1 Open Class female
- NICHI GIVE PEACE A CHANCE : 1 Intermediate Class Female, Best female, BOS and Best Bred in Italy
- NICHI GOT TESTAROSSA GENE: 1 female Baby and Best Baby

GROUPS BEST IN SHOW : we thank our judge and the CCC President Mr. P. CONDO'


Best Breeding Team as in 2011!!!!

Thousands of thanks also, for the beautiful pictures and for all their help, to Marco & ELisa!!

Nichi Got Testarossa Gene, 109 days old:
Best Baby
 you already know her as Mrs Griffon!!

Nichi Galibier Style, seven months old:
Best male Puppy

Nichi Gripphly Scandalicious, seven months old: Best female Puppy and Puppy BOB

Nichi Give Peace a Chance, 22 months old: Best Female, Best Opposite Sex and Best Bred in Italy



 A sweet november.....




We completed a couple of weeks ago the Italian Championship with our NICHI GLINT OF GOLD, but show appointments are not over yet....



21 months old got her 4th CAC for her Italian Championship at the INSUBRIA WINNER NAT SHOW,  november 1, 2012

Intermediate Class 1 Excellent, CC, BOB

Breed Judge Mr. Adinolfi


...two more CC to go.....




On the same day:

- NICHI GALIBIER STYLE, six months old male,  Junior Class  1 Very Promising

- NICHI GRIPPHLY SCANDALICIOUS, six months old female, Junior Class 1 Very Promising, Junior BOB, Junior BOG Finalist!!

Breed judge Mr Adinolfi, Group judge Dr Asnaghi!





Thanks to Elisa and Marco for taking care (and spoiling a lot (!)  Nichi and Lucky) and a special thank to Marco for these gorgeous pictures!!




NICHI GALIBIER STYLE         &        


our 2012 debutante......


 Happpppy.... Halloween!



A  Zwergschnauzer is fearless in any occasion!!



NICHI FREQUENT FLYER during a trip in  Trentino  visiting the "Witches House" in Sexten Pustertal  (Bozen province)



Happppppppy  Halloween everybody!!!


Tremble.... Tremble.... Witches are out!


 On the way to achieve a great title more........

We usually plan each year a couple of litters only.....

But, in some exceptional conditions, it's time to make an ... exception!

Italy is one of the few countries in which is highly appreciated the selection job breeders make with their bloodlines, and a  "Reproduction Champion" title is available for those parents who generated excellent offsprings.

We already wrote about the high quality carachteristics we found on our multich. Nichi Guy Laroche babies: all his sons do have a great anatomy, correct bites (6+6 incisive teeth), never a problem with testicles on males, super temperaments.

To be able to get all the needed results, at least six sons from at least two different partners who will receive an excellent note on shows, we decided to plan two more litters this year, and again the results were astonishing!!




are the Griffons we think will help us in reaching that very important title for their father.

Born on the eighth day of the eighth months of 2012 and pictured here aged..... eight weeks!!!

Jose' is the author of our pictures! Thanks dear friend.......

Nichi Grangrif Urka Urka

Nichi Gu Gu Settete

Nichi Get Up n' Boogie


 Family portraits.....




Griffons always have a very special espression


Their "almost human" face is really something special.


Griffs from the best lines have their dark colored beard when aged less than threee months.
Later, the dark shade disappears  and they become entirely red.


The dark coat you can see on their bodies is mainly constituted by their first puppy coat. They are correctly stripped for the first time at the age of two months, and when aged about four months they have a rich red wire coat





Again thanks to Flo and Jose' for their help for our pictures!

Nichi Grangrif Urka Urka

Nichi Gu Gu Settete

Nichi Get Up n' Boogie


 Nichi: no compromise.

We have started at the end of the sixties with one of the most problematic breeds on this planet: the German Sheperd.
We were obliged from the very first start to learn about anathomy, temperament care, genetic diseases, health tests, the indulge of illusions and the sudden desperation for the lost of our hopes.

But we realized we had a choice.

It was hard, at the end of the seventies, to select the best among the best,  while preparing our breeding stock for our Schnauzers and our Griffons.

It was hard to learn to avoid any smallest tolerance to what was not considered by others "that important".

That's the original recipe even today. Breeding not for next year prize, but for our breeding stock that will reproduce in 2020 or, why not...., in 2100!

Mr & Mrs Griffon (official names to be chosen on the next days) are out our beloved Multich NICHI GUY LAROCHE and our NICHI GIORGIA ON MY MIND.

Again thanks to Flo and Jose' for their help for our pictures!

"Mr Griffon" aged 40 days

"Mrs Griffon" aged 40 days

Good starting materials strictly selectioned, all the possible care, but most of all,
 no compromise: this is the recipe by Nichi!



 Well..... this time I can't decide!



All right.


To properly illustrate the anatomical properties of a dog sometimes a picture is more effective than 100 words........


.....But what happends when you have two gorgeous photos and you cannot decide which one is the best?

So dear friends, enjoy admiring these two super poses of our "special" miniature schnauzer NICHI FREQUENT FLYER, and remember that he is only eight months old!


A billion of thanks to Floretta, for taking care so perfectly of our boy, and to Jose' for his support to Flo,  and for his  always adorable pictures!


This is a Zwergschnauzer!
aged eight months



 Mr & Mrs Griffon!



Only few puppies are able to suddenly steal your heart like these small Griffons: 

That's how two 20 days old babies look like here a male and a female!!


Mr & Mrs Griffon: they are 20 days old, and their beard is starting to grow!


Our Zwergschnauzer 2012




It has always been a special politic, here at  Nichi kennel: not a high number of puppies produced to be sold, but only a couple of litters each year, mainly programmed to obtain our future ambassadors and our next years breeding stocks.

This way we have all the time and all the necessary energy for a correct socialization and an optimal first education of our babies.

The 2012 summer months have been dedicated to the three daughters of our special champion NICHI PRINCE BRUNELLO:





almost aged three months, after their first long grooming session!



Nichi How Do U Do

Nichi Hot Hot Hot

   - Nichi Hoc Erat In Votis





We've been back to Austria with our Griffons, for the double International Show in Innsbruck.

saturday august 11, judge Mrs Iris Urschitz (A)

- for the Griffon Bruxellois:
Ch Nichi Galizine Exc 1 CAC CACIB BOB

- for the Petit Brabançon:
Ch Nichi Gangstas Logo

sunday august 12, judge Mrs. Ingrid Ehold (A)

- for the Griffon Bruxellois:
Ch Nichi Galizine Exc 1 CAC CACIB BOB




Nichi Galizine
......a little detail..... a four-leaves clover in front of her front foot!

Thanks for the picture Jose'!



 Work in progress....


Well ....... some necessary changings....

Some page of tis site seemed already a bit old-looking, and some important infos were missing.

- We have reorganized the "News" pages, now divided in trienniums. At the end of the pages a link to reach the wished period.

- You will find as well some innovation in the Griffon Bruxellois section, we have added the personal pages of :
- Ch Nichi Guy Laroche
- Ch Nichi Great Pretender
- Ch Nichi Gangsta's Logo
- Ch Nichi Galizine

- Updated the Griffon part in the page:
 Hall of Fame -  Our Champions update a web-site, you'll have first of all to find and collect all the necessary material......

Nichi Frequent Flyer
to help us feeds on culture....

Thanks for this picture to Floretta & Jose!



 A very HOT day....

A hot day at the 2012 International Show in Cuneo, where the Italian Toy Breeeds Club organized the Specialty CC.

And a  really "hot" day for our Griffons:

Ch. NICHI GUY LAROCHE: entered out of concurrence,
Ch NICHI GALIZINE: 1 Exc CACIB (the last needed to become International Champion!),  BOB,  BOG Finalist
NICHI GIVE PEACE A CHANCE: at her debut in Italy, only aged 18 months,  1 Exc,  Specialty CAC, and  CACIB Res,


We thank the breed judge Mr. Franco Gatti and the Honour Ring judge Mrs. Orietta Zilli!

We congratulate our friends Luigi and Elisa & Marco, and thank them all for their help !!!




Cuneo International Dog Show 2012

NICHI Breeders Group BEST IN SHOW!



 Responsibilities of a father....


More confirmations about the excellent quality of Ch. NICHI GUY LAROCHE reproduction.

"Gugu" is the sire we decided to use along this 2012. We are very happy to have proved how some of his important carachteristics are transmitted to his offsprings on a regular basis.

Free from ocular diseases and patella luxation, he produced so far healthy puppies, very well built, with excellent coat and wonderful temperament. All his babies have all incisive teeth (6/6) well placed, all his sons  are exempt from reproduction system anomalies.

We are waiting with trepidation his next litter due by the end of july 2012.....




 A ship arrived.....


loaded, loaded with........ Miniature Schnauzers!

Our 2012 pepper & Salt Miniature Schnauzer litter comprises three females.

Cousins of the famous                                        World, Italian, Swiss Ch.  Nichi Eternity,      they are growing  already showing all the best qualities.

This combination has been programmed to select our future representatives: we are sorry but these babies are not available.



mother of our 2012 minis. 


 Who? How? Where? When? Why? 


We often receive request of deepening some of the  Griffon Bruxellois carachteristics, a breed that since twentyfive years we love and we adopted.

Some of the information available on internet are incomplete, some web pages do report old official standards, and very often some very important qualities of their breeds are unknown.

In a short time, in their section you will be able to find a relation about the breed origin, about their temperament, about some of their peculiarities.



 Official debut.....





Three months have passed and it's time to officially introduce you our Griffon puppies:







A female and two males.

Here they are.


These puppies are not available.






 Repetita juvant.....



Our very special Ch. NICHI GALIZINE, was able to "bis" a B.I.S.!!!!

Winner of the Mediterranean Trophee of the Italian Toy Breeds Club both in 2011 and in 2012, "Gala" was winning the Section 1 Best of the Best in Pisa Specialty Show two years in a row!!!

We thank Mr. Tamas Jakkel who was preferring our girl!





 Need of protection?




Feel the need of protection?


Nichi Yves montand is a Standard Schnauzer that can be very effective in the defense of his family.


A dog of a breed not exagerate in its dimensions, but that, thanks to its watch attitude, its prompt surveillance, and its effective intervention, will be always ready by your side!



Ch Nichi Yves Montand,   

Ch It. MC. *Int. HD0 Sel AAA Tan Exc



 Sometimes it's not a pity to EXAGERATE!



Feelin' proud more than embarassed, we are very happy to announce the official results from the Italian Toy Breeds Club web-site.


Winners of the Club Champion titles:

Griffon Bruxellois:

- Club Champion 2011 Ch. Nichi Guy Laroche

- Club Champion 2011 Ch. Nichi Galizine

- Club Junior Champion 2011 Ch. Nichi Great Pretender

- Club Junior Champion 2011 Ch. Nichi Glint of Gold


- Club Champion 2011 Ch. Nichi Gangstas Logo

We thank all the judges that, preferring at all specialties our special group made this result possible

And moreover!

Ch Nichi Gangstas Logo, third finalist of the Bernini Trophee, for the top winning toy dog in 2011, and the NICHI Kennel Griffon group is the most winning group in 2011 during the Breeders Group competition!!



 It's Tango time.....



               Welcome to "Mala"!!


We are happy to introduce all our friends our newest showgirl from Argentina.

La Boheme de Trufas Negras has in her veins the heritage of many great Champions, among other even one of the greatest Minis of the past: our World Ch. Nichi Excalibur.

We thank her breeder, Kennel Trufas Negras for having permitted this gorgeous girl to become a member of our family.

Mala will need now a due period of adaption to her new environment and to a completely new lifestyle, and then will start her conquest of the north hemisphere!



La Boheme de Trufas Negras,   

A very promising miniature schnauzer



 Tribute to a Champion





               Chapeau, my friend!!


Nichi Yves Montand:  our beloved Standard Schnauzer is almost ten years old and still going great!

A  great   heart,  a  magnificent  mind  and  an amazing personality!



Ch Nichi Yves Montand,   

Ch It. MC. *Int. HD0 Sel AAA Tan Exc




 Here is the "Pretender"....


 On the steps of his father......

Nichi Great Pretender  is demonstrating to be a gorgeous representative of his breed:

aged just 15 months, he already obtained the following titles:

- 2011 CCC Club Junior Champion

- 2011 Swiss Klubjugendsieger

- Swiss Junior Champion ´

- Always best junior in every competition!

- and while being only 15 months and two days old he collected the first two CAC to become Swiss Show Champion!!!

A huge Thank to Yves that was always able to prepare and handle him at his best!!





 Nichi Great Pretender, 

Brussels Griffon,  male



 Attention: Brabançons !



 At least!!...

We have planned our first smooth coated litter:

Nichi Gangstas's Logo,

Petit Brabançon, littermate of the two famous Griffons Ch Nichi Guy Laroche and Ch Nichi Galizine, will be the sire of our next puppies by  Nichi Glenda Jackson!!

The  birth,  is  due  by  the  beginning  of  june 2012!




 Nichi Gangsta's Logo    

 Italian, Spanish, *International Champion, RSCE 2011 Centenary Winner, CCC 2011 Club Champion,   2011 Mediterranean Toy Cup Winner, 2011 Top Dog




 It's springtime!!


 Here it comes!!

After a long and cold winter time we are very happy to feel spring in the air...

and  Nichi Frequent Flyer is already a specialist in finding new blossoms.....

We are proud to announce that our 2012 Miniature Schnauzers litter is "on the way!!




 Nichi Frequent Flyer,                            Pepper and Salt miniature Schnauzer


 The best, again!!





We are extremely happy for the results of our two "special kids"!!



 - Nichi Guy Laroche and Nichi Gangsta's Logo resulted both the most winning specimen of 2011, and they both achieved the ambitious title of 2011 TOP DOG,  as Best Brussels Griffon and Best Small Brabant Griffon!!!



A big thank is due to all the judges that preferred our two champions, and a very, very, very, special THANK to Luigi, their proud owner!


Nichi Gangsta's Logo

 Nichi Guy Laroche



 .....Mini Schnauzer growing....







Nichi Frequent Flyer, a milk-bottle baby, firstly nourished with artificial milk that later appreciated the goat milk, is the new hope of our kennel !


When almost five months old he met and suddenly fell in love with his new family, composed by two wonderful persons that already experienced the life with one of our very special minis. 


We want to thank Flo & Jose' for having believed in us once again, and for the hours they will decide to spend in the future, spoiling this block of energy and affection!



15 days.

2 months

4 months

6 months

Nichi  Frequent Flyer

Pepper and Salt Miniature Schnauzer


 Happy Easter!






Nichi Yves Montand, and we, are wishing a very Happy Easter 2012!!






*photo by G. Iattici. Thanks!!


Ch Nichi Yves Montand,

Pepper and Salt Standard Schnauzer



 Let's go Princess!!!


 Viva Austria!!!!

We decided to enter our dogs to the International Dog Show of Graz, on February 25 and 26, 2012.

A full success for our representatives, that have honoured their high reputation:

- Small Brabant male Ch Nichi Gangsta's Logo, 1 Excellent CAC CACIB and BOB,

- Brussels Griffon male, Ch Nichi Guy Laroche, 1 Excellent CAC CACIB, and

- Brussels Griffon female  Ch Nichi Galizine,     1 Excellent, CAC , CACIB and  BOB

Nichi Galizine was later also Best in Toy Group!

We thank the judges, Mrss Gabriela Schrank and Heliane Maissen-Jarisch.

A very "special" thank also to the austrian Junior Handler Andreas Katzbauer who was an indispensable help for the Nichi Team by handling our Ch Nichi Gangsta's Logo in the Honour Ring!!!



 Ch. Nichi Galizine, Griffone di Bruxelles    Ch It, *Int, *Soc, Europasieger, FCI Centenary Winner 2011, BISS Trophy CCC Mediterranean Toy Cup


 A Hope, A Promise, a Reality


We proudly announce that Nichi Eternity, our 2011 World Champion has collected all titles to become Italian Champion.

We thank the judges :

Orietta Zilli -  Int   Genova 2011           Guido Perosino - Int Sanremo 2011      Xavier Sanchez - Rad CISP Milano         Gianni Pentenero - Int Milano 2012          Gisa Schicker - Int Arezzo 2012              Daniele Poltri - Int. Pistoia 2012

and the experts of the Italian Schnauzer Pinscher Club Selection Test, that Eternity passed with the maximum evaluation!


And, of course, thanks to his owner Yves Tonossi!!!!






  Italian, World J Ch.  NICHI ETERNITY ,            Pepper and Salt Miniature Schnauzer






 Our spring litter is already arrived!

 Mother and babies are in good condition, and our Ch Nichi Guy Laroche is the very proud father!






Happy 2012


 Merrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas, 


Happy 2012!!!




          Nichi Golden Nugget,           

is this year our "Xmas Ambassador"!


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