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W Ch Nichi Eternity



Eternity is the result of an accurate selection program, developped in 40 years of love towards this very special breed.

We love to be able to find in her pedigree some of her most famous ancestors: the 1982 World Champion Snack vom Saupark, his nephew 1991 World Champion Nichi Excalibur, his nephew 2000 World Champion Nichi Nonchalance..... but not only these dogs!

There are eleven world champion titles won, between Snack and Eternity, who is a perfect way to confirm how our choices through all these generations were correct. 

Eternity fully represents the evolution of the breed through the generations, the achieving of a more modern and stilish dog compared to the ones of the past, with the absolute respect of the original standard.

[14/11/2012 Nichi]

(Ch Nichi Roi Soleil x  Ch Nichi Cantabria)

Br. Nichi

born on  03/06/2010                              Female



World Champion in Paris 2011
Junior Swiss Champion

Italian Champion
Swiss Champion
Luxembourg Champion
*International Champion

*in homologation process

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C.I.S.P.  Selection AA


Ch Nichi Eternity  
Ch Nichi Roi Soleil 

Ch Nichi Quicksilver

Ch  Nichi Rerum Novarum
 Ch Nichi Cantabria

Ch Nichi Prince Brunello

Ch. Nichi Superstition 


Nichi Eternity personal gallery



September 2013 in Luxembourg: a new Champion title!

Italian Championship achieved!



Spring 2013: Etenity is International Champion!!





Spring 2011 Eternity is ready for her debut!!



ETERNITY as a puppy

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But Eternity is also the evidence, so rare indeed, of a friendship born and established among european show-rings. Her,  more than an owner, mentor and exquisite guest, is a famous and expert Miniature Schnauzer breeder, one of the first to select them in the black and silver color.  Yves Tonossi and his "de Bacara" schnauzers are since years among the most appreciated exhibitors, both for the undoubted quality of his champions, and for the fair play and the amiability of the breeder.

40 years have passed before Yves decided to ask us a pepper and salt  mini: Eternity is a wonderful champion, who found the expert and lovely hands able to enhance her in the dog show rings, and who, in the meantime,  gives her all the possible love in her everyday life.