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 Famke Piertse

Born 2000 Giumenta 
Sire: Nanning 374
Dam: Piertsje


2001 prize as 2nd best foal 





Born 2000 Giumenta
Sire: Bacco 819
Dam: Bimba 825



Selectioned with 83 points



Ch Gimmy

co-owned by Paolo e Gianni Fontana 


 Italian Champion



Nanning 374

owned by H Aerts & G. Toonen

father of our Famke Piertse


Famke in the snow 2003 Famke and Nichi, 2002 Famke Piertsje head, one year old Friesians love snow, her is Famke 2003

ITCh Gimmy

Frisone Famke, head study july 2003 Frisone Famke, Il Campero july 2003 Frisone Famke ritratto july 2003


Frisone Famke a beautiful Head study july 2003 Frisoni incredibile attacco


Sebrea and Nichi, grooming time