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Famke Piertsje



Living in a place like il Campero means 22 hectares of fields and woods, some brooks, and the possibility of walking a whole day without crossing an asphalted road.
Adding all this to the great love we always had for horses, resulted in the arrival of Famke in our home.
Beautiful representative of an antique Dutch breed, used before as war horse and later survived to world-wars and to the advent of 

the engine, our Famke is before all an incredible friend. 
She grew up with our dogs, and acts like a dog, The only problem is that she weigh now almost 600 kilograms, being still a foal. 
Kind, nice, lovely. Friesians are not only beautiful big black horses, but they have a great mind.
They were almost extinct, but a great work has been done, and now they are appreciated as dressage, driving and walking horses. 
The "dancing" way of walking of friesians is something we would like to watch all day long.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Nanning 374 x Piertsje)


Born 15/05/2000                      Mare 



2001 prize as 2nd best foal 


Other information

3,51 % inbreeding coefficient 


 Famke Piertsje   Nanning 374    Teunis 332 
 Sierda ster + pref
  Piertsje ster    Gaije





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