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Sebrea is an italian horse.
She is a "Bardigiano", a rare heavy working italian horse, directly descending from the Friesians.
Like Friesians, Bardigianos are almost always black, with a lot of mane and with long furniture covering the feet. 
She is directly descending from some of the most important champions of her breed, and is now in foal by the Italian Champion Gimmy.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Bacco 819 x Bimba 825 )


Born 13/02/1989                      Mare 



Selectioned with 83 points


Other information



 Sebrea 1648    Ch Bacco 819   Ch Balbo 709  
 Arnia 257
  Ch Bimba 825   Filippo 8
 Nelly 824


Stallone Approvato IRO 2246  



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