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W Ch Stahlkriegers Magnum Force


When Magnum arrived in Italy from USA he was already seven months old, and was completely disappointed for the complete changing of his life.

It took him only a second sight to understand that Italy is a wonderful place to live in.

Magnum is well representing what we were looking for: a gorgeous, strong, powerful stallion, with a great attitude for shows and a lovely temperament.

And these qualities were recognized by all the breeders 

that discovered in Magnum a top reproducer, and that got the confirmation with offsprings of the highest level.

Magnum was winning the Best in Show Trophy in several National Specialties all around Europe, and was the winner in the Group Competition at the 2000 Millenium Bundessieger Show in Dortmund, Germany.

After a two years long stay in the USA, Magnum is now definitely residing in Italy.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Am Ch Hansa Quelle v Stahlkrieger   x   Am Ch Stahlkriegers Kb Kandi Kiss)


Born 08/02/1997                     male 



World Champion at World Show Helsinki 98
European Champion at Genova 98 Show 
Italian Champion
Spanish Champion
French Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Montecarlo Champion
Belgian Champion
International Champion
San Marino JChampion
Italian J Champion
SCI Club Champion 
German Bundessieger and Group 1 at 2000 Dortmund Show 
American Champion 
Spain Dog of the Year 1998/1999/2000 - Italy Top Dog of the Year 
Best in Show at the National Specialties in France, Spain (two times) Italy, Belgium, 
Best Standard Schnauzer of the Year "SCI Trophy" "Show Section"
# 1 Schnauzer # (all systems) 1999/2000
14 times Best in Show 36 CACIB Certificates 


Other information

HD A0 DNA checked PRA /CEE Clear
Free for Ipothyroidism Syndrom 


W. Ch Stahlkriegers Magnum Force
Ch Hansa Quelle v Stahlkrieger

Ch Harchanum Charisma for Nichi
W Ch
Harchanum Charisma for Nichi 

Ch Harchanum Garland

Ch Stahlkriegers Kbs Kandi Kiss

Ch. Pepper Tree Sensation 

Ch. Casseopia v Stahlkrieger  


Offsprings [Under construction]

Ch Nichi Vanity Valzer
Ch Nichi Van Gogh
Ch Nichi Very Versus
Ch Nichi Velvet Eyes 
Ch Nichi 
Ch A Blaze Fire Light My Life 
Ch That's Nichi Charisma

V Eur Ch. Jetaime Talhi Leonora
Int Ch Jetaime Talhi Lafayette
CH Petite Nichi de Nador Cleville
Ch Ymke Inouk v d Vanenblickhoeve Ch Bessy Inouk v d Vanenblickhoeve


Ch Nichi Vanity Valzer, Own by Mr. G. Cadoret - Menil sur Saulx, France 
Nichi Vanity Valzer
Ch Nichi Van Gogh, Owned by Mr. J. Lopez - Barcelona, Spain
Nichi Van Gogh
Ch Nichi Very Versus, Owned by Mr. L.Vuolo - Naples, Italy
Nichi Very Versus
Ch Thatīs Nichi Charisma
Thatīs Nichi Charisma
 Ch Petit Nichi de nador Cleville
Petit Nichi de nador Cleville 



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