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W Ch Harchanum Charisma for Nichi


Chuck was our very first standard schnauzer. Born from two of the most important reproducers of those years he completely inherited their conformation and temperamental charachteristics.

Great winner, but, and this was even more important for us, great companion of our every day life. The first standard after a hole of decades to achieve working degrees, the first italian standard accepted in the ACK Hall of Fame and as 1997 Stud dog of the Year.

In every single litter he sired, he was able to transmit his magnificent head and expression and his great heart and mind. We lost him on april 28, 1999, and we are still searching in every dog we meet, that special mark.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(W. Multi Ch Quecksilber del Prillo x W.Eur. Multi Ch Harriet v d Ley)

Bred by Mrs M Bergamini Vestuti - Florence, Italy

Born 23/03/1989                     male 



Winner dog at European Show Verona 90
Winner Champion at World Show Valencia 92
Italian Champion
German Champion
American Champion
Austrian Champion
International Champion
German Klubsieger
San Marino JChampion
ISPU Sen Champion 


Other information

HD A0             Working degree 


W Ch Harchanum Charisma for Nichi

W Ch Quecksilber del Prillo

Ch Adrian v Hahlweg 

Ch Flaminia del Prillo

W Ch Harriett v d Ley 

Ch Igor Donie v d Vanenblickhoeve

Ch Desiree v d Ley  


Offsprings [Under construction]

W. It Int Ch Ginevra del Prillo
Am Ch Ackley Peter Cottontail
Am Ch Hansa Quelle v Stahlkrieger
Am Ch Hansa Quadrille for Nichi
Am Ch Hansa Quartz 
Am Ch Stahlkriegers Lionheart
Am Ch Stahlkrieger's Light My Fire 
W Ch Benamor de Verorich
Ch Bezuela de Verorich
Ch Bacor Olivar de Verorich
Ch Baltar de Verorich
Ch Baracan de Verorich
Am Ch General Grant v Stahlkrieger
It J Ch Taradiddle
Eur Ch Je Taime Talhi Dragonheart 
Je taime Talhi Dgeraldina
Je Taime Talhi Dolcetta
Je Taime Talhi Difiramb


W Ch Ginevra Del Prillo
W Ch
Ginevra Del Prillo



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