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W Ch Nichi Jalousie


Jalousie was the dog every breeder wants to produce. 
Beautiful, correct, with a lot of temperament and a real special sense of the ring.
She debuted at the World Show: winner. And she kept on winning in every single show in which was entered.
Her pedigree is a work of art, and could be a wonderful starting point for an impressive use as brood bitch. 
Jalousie was poisoned while she was living in France and died being only 22 months old.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Ch Nichi Glitterdust x Ch Nichi Fascination)


Born 01/04/1991                     female 



World Champion Valencia 1992
European Champion Dortmund 1992
Italian Champion
Club Champion
Eurodogshow Winner
Best of Group FCI European Championship Dortmund 1992
10 CACIB Certificates in eight different countries


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Ch Nichi Jalousie

Ch Nichi Glitterdust 
W Ch
Nichi Glitterdust

W Ch Nichi Excalibur
Nichi Excalibur

Ch Nichi Crackerjolly
Nichi Crackerjolly

Ch Nichi Fascination
Nichi Fascination

W Ch Nichi Crackerjack
W Ch
Nichi Crackerjack

Ch Nichi Bhahia
Nichi Bhahia





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