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W Ch Nichi Glitterdust

W Ch Nichi Glitterdust 

Dusty was a beautiful confirmation that our breeding programs were producing top quality minis. 
As a mix of the best lines, Dusty was appreciated by all judges, that were finding in him the compact, harsh coated, old-European type, but also the elegant, long-headed, new-American type.
Top producer himself, Dusty is mostly remembered for his important wins.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(W Ch Nichi Excalibur x W Ch Nichi Crackerjolly) 


  Born: 21/07/1989                                      Male



World Champion Brno 1990
Italian Champion
International Champion
Italian J Promise
San Marino J Champion
Club Champion 



Other information

PRA/CEE Esente 


W Ch Nichi Glitterdust

W Ch Nichi Excalibur
W Ch
Nichi Excalibur

Ch Sahib vom Saupark

Ch Capella’s Enchantress of Nichi
Capella's Enchantress of Nichi

Ch Nichi Crackerjolly
W Ch
Nichi Crackerjolly

Ch Carolane's Starfire  

W Ch Sally v Saupark
Sally vom Saupark 


W CH Nichi Jalousie
Ch Nichi Jackie'O 
Nichi Justice 


 W Ch Nichi Jalousie
W Ch
Nichi Jalousie
W Ch Nichi JackiŽO
W Ch
Nichi JackiŽO



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