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Ch Nichi Winnipeg Willy Nilly at Hansa 


Many years ago one of our biggest problems was to find out the proper stallion for our W Ch Ginevra del Prillo.

Finally our choice was for W Ch Ivan Mazor, a wonderful dog that was living that time in our family.

You have to imagine the great expectations of us, and of a lot of schnauzer fanciers around the world: we had reservations for so many female puppies!!!

Of course, (it's one of the joys of breeding) we had a magnificent litter composed by….. nine boys and only one female.

We accepted, but with a lot of afterthought, to send her to USA, where she became American Champion and she whelped two litters.

We were able to take her home again some weeks ago and she is now well representing "Nichi" in the European showrings.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(W. Multi Ch Quecksilber del Prillo x W Ch Ginevra del Prillo)


Born 01/07/1996                     female 



American Champion 
BIS in Specialty Winner



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HD A0 


Ch Nichi Winnipeg Willy Nilly at Hansa 

W Ch Ivan Mazor

W Ch Argenta's Greve Gustav  

Ch. Janita Vabi

W Ch Ginevra Del Prillo

W Ch
Ginevra del Prillo

Ch Harchanum Charisma for Nichi

W Ch.
Harchanun Charisma for Nichi

Ch. Delta del Prillo  


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Am Ch Stahlkriegers Q-Ty Pie  


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