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Ch Nichi Uranus


Ch Nichi Uranus After some years of selection, our efforts and our results became more known, and we had some requests also from countries that before were really not interested in Italian kennels. 

Due to the strict import rules applied in Sweden, Uranus left our home, but not our hearts, when he was already nine months old. A funny story told by his owner, 

concerned a meeting in a forest between a lady, two border collies, this mini schnauzer, and a giant moose. 
The lady and the collies, perfectly knowing how dangerous moose can be, were running away as fast as possible, to leave the moose territory, while the small mini, stopped facing the moose without letting him move a step towards his master. Official version states that the mini was so terribly convinced that his position was a sure border for his owner security, that the big wild elk decided to go away. Probably the miny was standing so motionless that the moose was simply not able to clearly see the gray coloured small dog in the dark brushwood.

Not only a strong defender of his owner, Uranus was also a beautiful showdog.
He was the only son of our beautiful Lalique. 
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Ch Nichi Exploit x Nichi Lalique )

 Owned by Mrs Claesson, Sweden

Born 21/08/1994                     male 



Swedish Champion


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