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Ch Barry 


Ch Barry Barry was a Number One in a lot of occasion.

Number one puppy whelped by our Ch Fee di Casa Romeo. He was also Number one homebred schnauzer to award championtitles. 

A "modern" dog even if born a long ago, he was a great winner. 
Owned by a family without interests in breeding, he didn't produced a lot of puppies.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Ch Flash vom Saupark x Ch Fee di Casa Romeo)

 Bred by Nichi                     owned by L Cesaris, Italy

Born 25/11/1982                     male 



Italian Champion
Italian Junior Champion
Club Champion
International Champion 


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Ch Barry 

Ch Flash vom Saupark  

W Ch Luemmel vom Saupark 

Ch Natascha vom Saupark 

Ch Fee di Casa Romeo
Fee di Casa Romeo

Ch Loris

Ch. Genni





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