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W Ch Snack vom Saupark    


W Ch Snack vom Saupark     Snack was the miny that opened for us all main doors in the schnauzer-world.
Being grown as exhibitors with the German Shepherd, we simply applied to our Snack, all training methods and handling procedures that were common in shepherd rings, but that were unusual for schnauzers. She was able to stand in the center of the ring for hours, launching terrible looks to the other competitors and intimidating them. 

She was able to move like a bigger dog, and her coat conditions were always faultless. 
We can not say that it was always easy to win with her, but surely she teached the world that a new type of miny, different from the dirty, shy, ugly old type, was born. 
Snack was repeatedly requested by many breeders around the world, but even if being offered top prices we were always stating that if there are many people owning a lot of money there were only one person owning Snack vom Saupark. 
She won a lot, all most important titles were awarded to her, but we still remember the World dog Show in Copenhagen when, aged nine years, she was confirmed as the most beautiful miny in the world.
There was a great expectation for Snack' offsprings, but , confirming, that many times, when you have beauty, you do not have chance, Snack, even if mated many times, never produced a puppy.
She lived with us 14 years, being the absolute boss of all our dogs. One of the companions, whose memory still let tears arrive in our eyes. 
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Ch Tarim vom Saupark x W Ch Lucy vom Saupark) 

Breeder Sig. H. Backhaus - Lainate, Italia

Born 30/01/1981                               Female



World Champion Madrid 1983
World Champion Copenhagen 1989
Italian Jun. Champion
ENCI Centennial Champion 
German Bundessieger
German Jahressieger-Auslese
German PSK Jubilaum-sieger 
Italian Champion
German Champion 
International Champion
Baden- Wurttemberg Sieger
German Landessieger 
German Klubsieger 
VDH Champion 
Club Champion 82, 83, 84 
Four times Best Miny in Show at Annual Club Match of the
Italian Schnauzer Club 81'82'83'84
Mediolanum Trophy winner 
21 CACIB Certificates 
19 times Best of Group 
12 times Best in Show

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Ch Snack vom Saupark  
Ch Tarim vom Saupark 

Ch Osman vom Saupark 

Ch Bunny vom Saupark 
W Ch Lucy vom Saupark

Ch Ch Osman vom Saupark

Ch. Pamina 



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