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Ch Nichi Noblesse Oblige


Ch Nichi Noblesse Oblige 

Lijy, is the brood bitch of the litter.
She better loves to stay at home, surrounded by puppies. Sometimes we find her trying to feed puppies of other females. 
She was even able to nurse a small kitten. A puppy is something wonderful for her. 
Shown selectively, we understood early that she was much more happy at home. 
She is very much like her more known sister, W Ch Nichi Nonchalance, and got her title easily.
[05/07/2003 Nichi]

(Ch Nichi Everest x Ch Nichi Identikit)

Born 29/02/1996                     female 



International Champion 
Amsterdam Winner


Other information

Pra/CEE Free


  Ch Nichi Noblesse Oblige  

Ch Nichi Everest
Nichi Everest

W Ch Nichi Crackerjack
W Ch
Nichi Crackerjack

Ch Capella’s Enchantress of Nichi
Capella's Enchantress of Nichi

Ch Nichi Identikit 
Nichi Identikit

W Ch Nichi Excalibur
W Ch
Nichi Excalibur 


Ch Nichi Bo Derek
Nichi Bo Derek



Ch Nichi Quintessence
Nichi Queen Lover  

Ch Nichi Quintesence
Nichi Quintessence


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