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Few notes about our puppies:
Standard Schnauzer - Miniature - Griffon

We always want to spend a couple of minutes to say some words that accompany our puppies in the trip to their new family. 

WE will give you in this occasion:
  • the book of the vaccinations duly compiled by our Veterinary.
  • a copy of the non definitive pedigree indicating six generations.
  • a copy of a photographic pedigree in three generations with parents', grandparent and great-grandfathers portraits.
  • around 1 kilogram of the usual food of the pup.

These pups are the result of studied combinations, with the better bloodlines available and that have already given excellent comparisons. 

You have to think about having a clean blackboard on which you can paint or scribble: to the owner the choice. The "edges" of this blackboard are genetically predetermined: the size, the color, the character attitudes; if grown as athletes, with the correct dose of game and contact with their master they will be phenomenal companions, if neglected they could become shapeless, delicate, and not prepared to the contact or to the job with the man. 

We breed with the purpose to produce champions. Because the champions of today will produce tomorrow healthy dogs with a balanced character, keeping on representing their breed in optimal way and always earning to this new fanciers. 
And having won with our dogs 120 national titles and 45 World Championship titles reassures us on the choices we operated. 

Our reproducers are selected and checked for the control of the hereditary pathologies (retinopatie and juvenile cataract in Miniature Schnauzers, Hip displasia for Standard Schnauzers, knee displasia for the Griffons) 

Ch Vamp vd Havenstad with her puppies
Griffon Bruxellois:
Ch Vamp vd Havenstad with her puppies

They are employed besides in reproduction when they have already got at least one champion title; this furnishes us a "certified of quality" to show the job of selection since here effected. 

We have our puppies inside the house, and therefore we don't breed more than 4 or 5 litters a year, with a number of been born that it wanders around 15/20 unities. We have healthy and longeve breeds, and newborn mortality is not remarkable. Only exception the Griffons Bruxellois, whose cranial conformation together with the reduced size often asks for the intervention of the veterinarian at the moment of the birth for the practice of the caesarian cut. 

We have worked with our bloodlines since 1976, therefore we know the attitudes, the character, the morphology of our dogs, and we can foresee their definitive aspect with a good approximation.
Unlike other breeders our old reproducers are not given away. They have given us a lot of affection and a lot of satisfactions as our representatives and as parents, and we consider a pleasure to assure them a calm "retirement." 
The pups are regularly vaccinated, over that for the recommend her pathologies (against the viruses of distemper, hepatitis, gastrohenteritis (parvovirus) and lepthospirosis) also against the patogenis responsible of the bordetella, of the parainfluenza and of the so-called Kennelcough (with Vanguard or Durammune). This certainly means the employment of a more expensive product, but it offers us greater guarantees of protection. 

Nichi Passepartout
Mini pup; Nichi Passepartout

The pups are submitted to three treatments for the control of the usual intestinal parasites in the young puppies (using Pyrantel, Oxantel, and Praziquantel - based products), and we recommend a visit of control within a week, at a veterinary praxis of your trust, and an examination of the feces effected within the following thirty days.

According to the new italian laws is forbidden to breed, sell and show docked and cropped dogs born after january 2007. Please note that all our puppies have natural ears  and tail. 

The whole news related to the treatments to which the pup has been submitted is reported in the sanitary book. 


Contacts in Italiano - English - Deutsch - Francais - Espanol

Nichi Wiederhofer & Fabio Cesana
Il Campero  - 43020 Mediano - Parma ( Italy )
+39 0521 846130


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