Fundamental evolution after ten years! 

The imagine of our Kennel has been in charge for ten years, from 2003 till today, to a couple of our dogs, Ch. Nichi Boston and  Ch Pamelot's Noble Antics, who have been loved so much, and who represented so well the ideal look of their breeds. 

But, the evolution of the last years, caused also by the effect in more and more Countries of the ban of aesthetical surgery, has resulted also in our increasing  appreciation of the new aspect of our dogs with natural ears and tails. 

Also our Site is therefore updated, and since today our new Logo has two new representatives,  Ch. Nichi Frequent Flyer and  Ch. Nichi Guy Laroche.

Mediano, april 10, 2013



Nichi' home

Kennel NICHI is situated at IL CAMPERO, located in the Valley of Enza river, that divides two beautiful Italian regions, 40 kms far from A1 - high-way exit of Parma, of Campegine -Terre Matildiche, or of Reggio-Emilia. 

Ours dogs live and grow out of stress, and are happy to run in the fields. Health is very important for us, that's why we choose to live with and for them, in a country-side home.

Our breeding program is based on the OFFICIAL STANDARD which is the guideline for breeding well, that's why NICHI is recognized champion breeder, and our line is the basement for many kennels all over the world.


1972 Many years have passed since when it all began.

1980 The first big win with a schnauzer goes back to Milano International Show and in Verona World Show Luemmel vom Saupark, Lucy vom Saupark and Anoa vom Saupark, prepared by us, became the very first dogs to win a World Champion title.

1983 Our first owned World champion!! The mini Snack von Saupark!

1989 Copenhagen: 4 World champions in a day !! The minis Nichi Crackerjack, Nichi Crackerjolly, Snack vom Saupark again, and our standard friend Nelson del Prillo!

1990 Brno, another World champion: Nichi Glitterdust.

1991 World Champions in the homecountry of the breed! Dortmund: Nichi Excalibur is awarded the title of the most beautiful mini in the world!

1992 Valencia: 4 World champions in a day!! The minis Nichi Jalousie, Nichi Excalibur' daughter Siempre Sevilla de Lordship's, the standards Ginevra del Prillo, and Parsifal di Casa Netzer, and more: our Harchanum Charisma for Nichi, winner among all champions!
And the first Griffon title is welcome! World Champion Pamelot's Noble Antics.

1993 A long trip to Buenos Aires to prepare the standard Parsifal di Casa Netzer: World Champion again!

1994 Bern: again on the podium! With the griff Royalqueen v d Havenstad with two Terriers, Regal and Glengarry, with a black mini and with one standard prepared by us, Patou!

1996 Wien and Budapest, and 3 World champions more! The griff Royalqueen v d Havenstad, the miny Eneas de Lordship's and the standard Ivan Mazor!

1998 Genova and Helsinky: how much to remenber! World champions were our standard Stahlkriegers Magnum Force and the black Vulturium Catullo

2000 Two World champions owned more, the griff Sweet Nichi Souvenir, and the miny Nichi Nonchalance, one best veteran of the Breed with our griff Pamelot's Noble Antics, and three dogs prepared by us that reached also the World titles: the two pepper and salt standards, Artu' and Nemea del Prillo, and the black Malya Midia!
And National Title No. 98 reached!

2001 Hard to believe: 5 world titles! With the Griff The Boss v d Havenstad, the standard Stahlkrieger Johnny Cash, and That's Nichi Charisma is declared a World promise, the bracco Rivana di Monte Alago and the pepper and salt Giant Gulliver di Barba Negra.

2002 And again an incredible edition: 6 world champions!! Our standard Maxandr Elvi's Goliayne Nichi, our griffs Nichi Great Red Baron, Nichi Golden Babylon, and three wirecoated teckels of "Casa Stoppa" kennel! And we congratulate our friend Paolo Poggio with the Bracco Italiano female Rivana di Monte Alago, we took them with us to win her third world champion title, so we got seven world champions in the same time in our car!!

2003 Back to Dortmund: 4 world champions: this time three griffons: Nichi Great Red Baron, Nichi Golden Babylon, Nichi Garden Calamity, and a welsh: Grigioperla Wales Star.

2011  without mentioning all the World Champion titles our dogs have won, but remembering only some of them....
thirty years after the World victory of Snack, twenty years after the one of Excalibur, and ten years after the World title of Nonchalance, another Nichi Miniature Schnauzer wins the World Championship: she is  Nichi Eternity!

2013 a very special year: we add our Champion number 90 to the list that appears on our Hall of Fame page!

Fabio and Nichi

All what you are going to see on this site is the result of years of efforts, of passion and of total dedication to these wonderful breeds.

But all these results, have been possible also through the help of our dear families, Mr. Lea and Ernani Wiederhofer and Mr. Teresa and Camillo Cesana, who, even if not always understanding us, have supported us in all ways.

A great thank goes also to our beloved son, Stefano, grown up surrounded by our dogs, that is a great help in our everyday life.

And last but not least, we found some good friends that have made all this possible:

- Our Veterinarian, a wonderful and nice person, Dr. Flavio Putto Caussono from Desio, and his whole family (please excuse our night calls);

- Luis Llin from Spain, a breeder, an exhibitor, a good friend: somebody ready to understand and discuss our common problems;

- And Mrs. Ludovica Beltrame (sorry, Dr. Roberto!) who has had at home many of our champions, loving them and tolerating our weekend "kidnappings".

Contacts in Italiano - English - Deutsch - Francais - Espanol

Nichi Wiederhofer & Fabio Cesana
Il Campero  - 43020 Mediano - Parma ( Italy )
+39 0521 846130